5 Non Fitness Facts about Me

One of my Instagram friends challenged me to share 5 non-fitness related facts…

  1. I am a complete neat freak and when I am having a terrible day, you will find me organizing a closet.
  1. I am an extroverted introvert. I enjoy people, but I need alone time to recharge.
  1. I ADORE anything Harry Potter and stayed up all night with my sister reading the last book.
  1. I have always been relatively girly, so when I found out I was having a boy I panicked! (We are fine now and I LOVE being a #boymom!)
  1. From ages 18 to 28, I moved 14 times

Why I Run

I run because it makes me a sane person.  A good mom.  A thoughtful spouse.  A present friend.  A thoughtful, hardworking employee.  Running clears the cobwebs in my head and helps the best version of me shine through.  It is not an EASY sport for me.  I do not get that runners high on my runs and rarely do miles pass without my feeling the pounding of the pavement and the hard work of my muscles.  But I am out there and without fail, I come back from every run feeling better than the moment I left.


Once upon a time, I wasn’t an athlete.  I got out of gym class my entire junior year of high school and had to write a paper about the power of exercise.  It wasn’t until I graduated from college, having spent four years drinking and eating late night pizza that I first entered the inside of a gym.  And it was 100% for vanity reasons.  Running came later for me.

I had just moved to DC and was fairly miserable. I hated my job.  My boyfriend was not a nice person and the relationship as ending. One particularly low day, I came home to a Team in Training flyer in my mailbox and went to an information session.  On my way out, I called my mom and told her that I was going to run-walk a half marathon. 5 months later, I ran a full marathon in San Diego.


For the next several years, I floated in and out of love with running.  After my son was born in 2010, and I battled severe postpartum depression, I found my way back to running and this time it has stuck.  Running has saved me in so many ways and I hope we are now in a life long rhythm.

Today — I run because I get to.