On the eve of my 25th Half Marathon

Tonight, as I sit in my Bethlehem, PA hotel room watching Fixer Upper, I am feeling all the feels one encounters on the eve of a milestone.

Tomorrow, I will toe the line at my 25th half marathon and 125th race.  The Runners World Half Marathon feels like the PERFECT place to celebrate.

As I have shared MANY times, running saved my life.  Since lacing up my running shoes after M was born, in the fall of 2012, I have crossed 106 finish lines.  I have logged thousands of miles.  And along the way found more than I can share here in a way that gives depth and meaning to that statement.  I sit here tonight because of those finish lines, those miles, and EVERY person who ran them with me.  Never an athlete, running became a saving grace for a life riddled with anxiety and doubt.

Today, I am a better mom and a better wife and a better friend and a better human.  All those miles significantly shifted my fate and my future.  And the best part – in the most secret part of my heart – is that I did that through the power of my own perseverance and hard work.  I made choices every time I set a 4am alarm clock or showed up when I wasn’t ready or signed up for a race because a friend asked. That might be the most empowering part of those miles.

And now, it is time for new adventures.  I will keep running and growing and being inspired.  But I’m ready for MORE.  Next to me on the bed is a binder just waiting for the ideas in my head to land on paper.  Over the next weeks and months, I will be doing the hard work to make those dreams come true.  Just like running, I know it will take small moments that eventually become something bigger.  And I am so excited.

I may pop back from time to time, but the role of running in my life has shifted.  It’s a beautiful shift – based in soul searching and hard questions and big answers.  Without all those miles, I would never had found the courage to ask those questions.  It still astounds me what the power of the human spirit can do.  So just for today, I am signing off my blog so I can sign on to something brand, spanking new.

Thank you for your running fellowship.  I look forward to seeing you at a race and giving you a huge, sparkly hug.


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