My Health Matters 5k Recap

I am lucky enough to have an AMAZING group of girlfriends who live in my neighborhood.  We all have school age children who are also friends.  While running one morning, the four of us to run together often got the idea in our heads of doing a 5k together.  Somehow, we convinced the others to join in the fun.  And TEAM FEARLESS was born!


We signed up for, and made AMAZING shirts for, the My Health Matters 5k in Herndon, VA.  First time races are always a little tricky, but we figured we were just running for fun, so no big deal!

On Friday afternoon, before the race, I picked up our packets and delivered them around the neighborhood.  And, of course, set out my flat mamma with my new unicorn sparkle skirt!


Various ladies in our group love to write what we affectionately call “positive graffiti” with sidewalk chalk all over our neighborhood.  One of the ladies added our team name to each of our driveways (with the help of her 3 year old cutie pie son).


Three of us arrived early to get in 2-3 miles before the race to keep up with our training plan.  I couldn’t sleep before picking the gals up, so I drank my coffee and watched the sun rise up over Ashburn.


After our warm up, we got cleaned up a bit and met our team for some pre-race photos.

Hadley and Molly positioned themselves at the front of the pack because they were both shooting for places in the small, home town race.  I had consumed WAY TOO MUCH wine the night before and put myself a bit further back in the pack.

The race started on the road and wound through the trails in Herndon.  As we got going, I felt a kick in my step and decided to chase my friends.  Going over a bridge, I saw Hadley’s blond ponytail swinging behind her as the first woman – a lead she held all the way through the race and maintained at the finish line!

Molly finished 1st in our age group and I was second, with the rest of our friends all finishing within 5 minutes behind us.  I felt great and really proud of kicking it up a bit, but want to see that 24:xx flashing soon.  I know the speed work we are putting in will get me there…  PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE!!  I guess.


We stayed for the awards celebration, but were very disappointed when the awards given did not match the website promises for recognition.  We tried to address it at the ceremony and afterwards, but it doesn’t seem that they can get it 100% right.  They were very nice and apologetic, and we realized it was a first time race about HAVING FUN, but never the less – we felt slighted.

Regardless of that snafu – we had SO MUCH FUN together and I cannot wait for another race with these amazing, fearless ladies!



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