Monday Mantra: May 15, 2017

Back when I was regularly blogging, I used to post “Monday Mantras” here and on Instagram.  Now that I have committed to writing regularly again, I have decided to reinstitute the practice.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE mantras.  I find them very powerful tools for running, yoga and the stresses of every day life.  I like the explanation in this article (and the longer explanation in this one), but for me — the simplest way to describe the impact is to think about how much power we have over our minds.  In yoga, we regularly use OM to center us and connect to our inner selves.  As someone who needs more words, mine tend to be longer than one syllable.


For this week, I want to think about kindness.  Kindness to ourselves, to others and to the path that we are on.  It is OK to have a hard day.  It is OK to spend the day in yoga pants and surround ourselves in comfy cotton.  It is OK to stop our day and restart.

And, when you are ready, it is OK to begin again.

We are our own harshest critics and wouldn’t it be nice if we were also loving and kind to ourselves?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we loved ourselves and therefore, were able to love others more fully?

Namaste, friends.



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