The Perfect Jumpie

Getting the perfect jump shot on your phone after a run is a wonderful way to celebrate your miles.  It takes a lot of practice and a whole bunch of jumping around before you get it right.  We have dubbed this shot the “JUMPIE” for our self-taken jump shots.

Some tips from the jumping trenches:

  1. Angle Upward: It helps to make you look higher off the ground when you jump when you angle your camera UP.
  2. Practice: Is it on 3 or after 3?  We have ONE person count and usually go ON THREE.  And typically we do a practice shot first.  But NOT after a 20 miler.
  3. Bend and Snap: Well, really just bend.  If you bend your knees – to the side or behind, you are more likely to get a good picture. And you look like you’ve jumped higher!
  4. BURST: The burst feature/ timer is your friend.  If someone else is taking the photo, have them hold the camera button (angled up!) when you start counting.  If you are using the timer, watch for the numbers and begin your jump when you see “1”.
  5. Smile when you JUMP: And watch your head position so you don’t end up with what I affectionately call, “turtle head”. It takes practice, but keeping your head forward and your body upward looks the best.

And have fun!!  Happy jumping!



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