Pickle Jars Now have Plastic Lids

My six-year-old son has a favorite book, “I’m Bored” by Michael Ian Black.


And that little girl’s face is JUST how I felt last week.

Don’t get me wrong… I enjoyed getting up later and not having the pressure of an exact mileage week.  Being able to walk up stairs returned by Wednesday afternoon.  And I enjoyed lovely walks with friends, fabulous yoga classes, and lots of snuggles with the aforementioned six-year-old.

This is what I learned after my first week in three years with no NEXT…

Number 1: OCD Does not Diminish with Age
Over the past 9 days, I cleaned out closets, planned menus, and took a carload to good will.  My floors are cleaner than they have been in months and I actually have washed windows.  I even planned recipes for my family that involved multiple ingredients. AND MADE A FULL SHOPPING LIST.  That shopping list had me wandering through Wegmans so slowly, I bought jarred pickles. And I learned that somewhere between all of my races – they had switched to screw tops.  #MINDBLOWN

Number 2: My Kid is Awesome.
We built Lincoln Log houses.  And created forts.  And made muffins.  And played every game on the shelf. (No – Candyland does not get any better the more times you play it.  Just in case you were wondering.)  And I loved it. Seeing his little face concentrate on WHICH star wars droid was the right one for a particular game was so precious.  And I know – this will be over before I know it.  But sometimes it’s hard to be “all in” when you are swirling about trying to get it all done. Typically, I am not a play-with-fake-food kind of mom… More of a, let’s-go-on-an-adventure kind of mom.  But it felt so great to be present with my Bug.

Number 3: I LOVE my job.  
I love my work – really.  Fundraising consulting is something that not only makes me happy, but hopefully makes the world a little bit better by helping non-profits get better. I always work hard, but sometimes I am just going from list to call to email to meeting. Last week, piles of old work got filed and I completed projects that had been poking at my heels.  I even managed a work trip up and back to New Jersey where I did not worry once about falling down going up the stairs at the train station in heels because I DID NOT HAVE A RACE TO RUN.

Number 4: After about a week of this, I am ready for a new plan… 
More to come on that, but I’ve been thinking a lot about what is next for me.  I will run another marathon, but most likely not next year.  I am thinking next year is the year of less is more. I’ve written a training plan and done some research on the next chapter of my running adventures. And after a little down time, I cannot wait to get started!

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