Mantra Monday: Courage


This perspective on courage was so appropriate for this past weekend’s 18 miler.  I had been doing ok with the idea, knowing we’d done two 16s and lots of strong shorter runs.  BUT as soon as I put out my gear for the run, I started to panic.

Northern Virgina’s humidity was yet to break.

My legs were SORE and could not seem to get un-sore.

We had to start at 4:30, so we could get to various and sundry kid’s activities on time.

But after lots of wonderful comments from my MRTT friends, I arrived at our meeting spot at promptly 4:30am to begin our 18 mile adventure.  We picked friends up, dropped them off, dodged dear on the trail and were ALL drenched with happy sweat when we turned off our GPS watches.

We did it.  And although I was a little sore on Sunday, I am that much closer to my Baltimore Marathon goal.


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