Marathon Training, Macronutrients & Weight Gain – Oh My!

Just about when we decided to train for the Baltimore Marathon, I came across this article on my Facebook feed: I Trained for a Marathon and Got Fat.

And I immediately thought to myself,
“That is NOT going to happen to me.”

Until it did.

Over the past two months I have gained almost 10 lbs. When I stepped on the scale and found a number staring back at me I hadn’t seen since 2011 (when I lost the last of my post-baby weight).  I wasn’t shocked, seeing as the weekend before I had literally been licking salt out of the bottom of my popcorn bowl, but still.  OMG.

Leesburg 20k (Photo by Potomac River Running) – It was a great race and so much fun, but I can see the weight gain in my face and arms.


So I did what I always do when faced with a dilemma in the information age, I googled like crazy, read a bunch of articles and texted my expert marathon friends for opinions.  No one was surprised (many had been there) and all were so supportive –

“You look great!”

“You are working so hard!”

But I was beginning to feel YUCKY and my pants did not fit properly.  And I still had, at that time, 10 weeks of training to go and a vacation to the Outer Banks (7 minutes from Duck Donuts).

It was time to call in an expert.

I reached out to my friend, BAMR, and certified nutritionist, Katie Heddleston. Following a quick text chat, I signed up for her nutrition plan.  To get started, Katie had me track my food consumption for 3 days, including a long run day.  After analyzing my diet she gave me three VERY SOLID observations (and lots of other advice, but you will have to reach out to her to get that…)

  1. My calorie intake wasn’t terrible, but I needed to take in less on days I wasn’t running super long or super hard
  2. My macronutrients were completely off (and yes – I had to google the term too).  I was getting WAY TOO MUCH FAT and not enough carbs.
  3. I was not eating at the right times after my long runs.  Since I wasn’t hungry for several hours, I wasn’t eating for several hours.  And by the time mid-afternoon came around I was eating my entire kitchen.

Katie designed a plan for me based on my training plan and where I needed to adjust. She warned me that I may not lose the weight I’d gained, but that I would at least not gain any more.  AND I’d have the right nutrition to really maximize my training.

I am happy to report, after really following the plan after vacation beginning August 22, I feel SO MUCH BETTER.  And I have lost 3 lbs. My energy is up, my runs feel better and I feel like I’m headed in the right direction.

Onward I go, friends.  Namaste.


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