There are no Shortcuts


Training for a marathon, as anyone knows who has done it, is a life changing experience.  For some, it’s little things and for others, the big ones.

For me, because this is my blog so you get my perspective, the thing marathon training is doing this time around is stripping down some of my unhealthy adulthood habits.

My first marathon was in 2003 with Team in Training as a 27 year-old singleton living on the Hill in Washington, DC.  It has been 16 years since that experience and it changed so many areas of my life, I honestly do not recognize the person I was before I crossed that finish line.

When we started training for this marathon I assumed I’d already had my life changing marathon and this one would just be about celebrating the good, bad and ugly of balancing miles with working motherhood at 40.  I am honestly shocked to find the evolution I am in the midst of as I rack up the miles during this cycle.

Here is the thing I forgot from the other side of growth.


And once I remembered that was part of the deal, I knew I either accepted the discomfort or stopped growing.

I have chosen to take the long and winding road.

So that means, I have to go through the change and the suck and the humidity and the painful conversations to get to the other side.  I have to work on the things that bubble to the surface — the things that come from listening and talking and pushing ourselves… the moments that we share in the intimacy of long runs.

I know on this path, there are no short cuts…

to training

to life

to growth

to becoming the best versions of ourselves.

The struggle is no joke, but I KNOW when I cross that finish line in 2 months and 4 days, I will not be the same woman that started training 11 weeks ago.  And for that, I am so very grateful.


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