Potomac River Running Birthday Bash 5k

This past Sunday my buddy, Melissa, and I headed out to the Potomac River Running (PRR) Birthday Bash 5k.  This was their 4th year for the race and my 3rd time running it.

Photos Curtesy of Potomac River Running

The day before M and I had gone to get packets and picked up the ADORABLE race shirt.

Photo Curtesy of Potomac River Running (Not me – just a great pic of a mom running!)

Cotton (and runs small, as I know from previous experience), but certainly a great shirt to wear out and about.  Don’t know about you, but I am over the tech shirts.  Either give me a tank or something cute I can wear out and about.  In Northern Virginia I can wear a tech shirt for about 2 months out of the whole year!!  One of the MANY great things about PRR is that they offer a $10 gift card in lieu of the shirt for their races.  And most the time I take it, but this time the shirt was too cute to pass up.

Melissa and I arrived about an hour before the race start and were very happy to find the birthday celebration with great running vendors in full swing.

Photo Curtesy of Potomac River Running 

We visited the Mizuno tent to visit a free photo booth (and walked away with an old school photo strip in a magnetized holder). And, if we posted their hashtag to social media they were giving away free hats.  Of course – we obliged.

Photo Curtesy of the Mizuno dude

Saucony had a three part booth with a photo booth, caricatures AND kettle corn.  We passed on the kettle corn.

We took total advantage of pre-race caricatures:

Looks just like us!!!!

And photo booth:


Once we’d wandered around a bit more – chatting with the Brooks guy, trying to win stuff from Adidas and Hoka (strike out at Adidas, but Melissa won a cute tank from Hoka) we loaded our loot into Melissa’s car and headed out to run.

Having done our marathon training 14 miler the day before, we decided to take it easy and just have fun.  The course, which we’ve run many times, goes around the Fairfax Corner shopping plaza in a very large loop.  It is quite hilly and it was SO HOT.  We took it easy, walked the hills and generally enjoyed the recovery run.

At the end of the race PRR handed out towels soaked in ice water AND Brooks was giving away free ice cream treats.  We wandered around a bit more eating our fruit pops and enjoying the cool towel before heading home.

SUCH a fun morning celebrating the Northern Virginia running community with one of my favorite running buddies!!!

Have you ever been to this race?  What did you think?

What are your thoughts on the great t-shirt debate?

2 thoughts on “Potomac River Running Birthday Bash 5k”

  1. This sounds like SO MUCH FUN! Glad you had a good time!!!!! Maybe NOVA isn’t too far from Baltimore, after all 😉


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