You are WORTH IT

Last weekend I did what I do whenever managing a change in my world (this time my job)…


And my organizing caused some furniture rearranging.

And my furniture rearranging  caused some purchasing.

This is not shocking or surprising at all… I truly could make nesting an Olympic sport.

I hit up my usual suspects in search of a new white bookshelf for my office — Home Goods, Wayfair, Zulily… And ended up at Target.  BUT the bookshelf I wanted (which I have in my kitchen and love) required an online order and (HORRORS) a wait of 4-7 days.

Being that patience is not my virtue, I did not want to wait 4-7 days.  I wanted the blank space in my office filled and the project completed.  SO, on Monday morning I dragged Michael to Target and purchased the $29.99 white bookshelf that had gotten TERRIBLE reviews.  But I was determined to put it together correctly and not fall into their trap.

I did put it together, but it started to break apart AS I WAS BUILDING IT.

And when I texted a picture to my sister, she said it looked cheap.
(And she was right.)

And when I went to adjust the placement of said bookshelf, it literally collapsed into a heap of cheap fiberboard and little tiny bits of junk all over my office floor.

So… I ordered the Target shelf.  And waited four days.  And it was just what I had wanted in the first place.

Left (worth the wait shelf) Right ($29.99 shelf)

SO what on earth does my Target purchasing experience have to do with running?  It caused me to remember something very important…


We are worth the fitted, right for our feet and our training cycle, shoes.
We are worth the good sports bra.
We are worth the healthy, expensive foods for fuel.
We are worth the good socks that do not leave blisters.
And the races with real medals.
And the time, energy and effort that goes into training.

It took me a long time to admit I was worth the nicer versions of these things. I thought that I wasn’t enough of a runner to require any of it.  I could live with the knock offs and the OK versions.

Along the way I realized that I felt better in the RIGHT things.  My running improved because I wasn’t constantly adjusting my clothing along the way.  I was eating correctly and it was helping me FEEL good.  There is, of course, a limit based on budget, etc.  My closet doesn’t have to be filled with the most expensive athletic brands.  BUT I also deserve to treat my body, and my sport, with respect.

Same holds true for my training.  I need to create a plan that works for me and my goals.  For me, that’s a focused effort on meeting the metrics in my training plan.

SO this morning, as part of our marathon training, my friend Melissa and I conquered hill repeats.  We did 10 total – taking our time on up hills, resting when we needed it, and taking the time to cool down and stretch.

Because it will make our marathon experience stronger.

And we are worth the extra minutes.

Hill Repeats

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