Excuse is a Four Letter Word

I was going to run at 5am… 
BUT Last night I forgot to set my alarm clock to meet my BRF for our 5am workout.  Luckily my live alarm clock (AKA my small child), arrived at our bed at about 4:55 and I was able to dash downstairs to text my friend.  She is a lovely person and let me off the hook… Back to bed I went.

I was going to run at 6:30am…
And the aforementioned living alarm clock (who had not really gone back to bed) was not being a good participant in the getting ready for the day routine.  So I did not head out the door.  Instead I made coffee, had a snack, and told myself I’d head out when they left for school.

I was going to run at 8am…
But as I was sifting through emails, there was a challenge that required immediate attention.  So I worked through the emails to solve the problem with my colleagues.

I was going to run at 9am…
But somehow I got sucked into the black hole that is email and responses and responses to responses…

And while sitting at my desk I started coming up with all the reasons it was OK not to run today — I was tired, I’d worked out Saturday and Sunday, I hate stupid rules like “never miss a monday” and purposely flout them… But I also know how much my body NEEDS endorphins. 

FINALLY at 10am I headed out the door.

And the first half mile was TORTURE.  My legs hurt from pushing it at yesterday’s race and the sun (which we have not really seen in Northern VA in the last 21 days) was HOT.  I told myself I could just walk home.


I could stop at the park I was passing and stretch.  And change my typical playlist to a podcast.  And just run.  So I did. And I feel so much better.  I managed 5 miles at my typical pace in the sunshine.  With a great hill climb!


And when I got back to my desk — the challenges seemed more manageable.

And when I went to choose my lunch — I found all my favorite, healthy things in the fridge and am having a fabulous feast!  (Let’s just say there is watermelon involved…)

And when I pick up the aforementioned small alarm clock, who will be a mess after getting up so early — I will be patient instead of grouchy.

Excuses hold us back… they keep us from moving forward… And sometimes they are the four letter word that is blocking the path we SHOULD be on…

Erin – 1
Excuses – 0

What excuses hold YOU back???

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