Hill Seeking


This morning was our first day of hill training.  I found it was one of the most critical training components for becoming a stronger runner two years ago when I amped up my mileage significantly.  Last year, when I was constantly battling a low-level injury, I skipped hill training.  And I could seriously tell in how I FELT in each mile.

As we were planning our MARATHON training for this cycle – because we are determined – we made a decision to add hills.  We want to get to the starting line, and subsequently to the finish line, injury free and ready to conquer the distance to the best of our ability.

But it was HARD to get out there.  Just under two weeks off of Ragnar and with 100% humidity, off we went for a 1 mile warm up and 6 hill repeats.  And we did them.  We did not charge up the hills or do more than we planned.  We did not criticize or even really watch our Garmin’s.

But five ladies are 6 hill repeats stronger.  And that hill seeking mentality travels through life almost as much as running does in general.

You realize you are stronger than you think.

You realize it gets easier each time you do it.

You realize that with each hill repeat, you are one step closer to your goal.

And with every repeat, you literally see how far you have come.

Carry on, friends!

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