I do not like green eggs and ham…


I do not run.

I do not camp.

I do not get up early.

I  do not like strangers.

I do not _________.

What if you did?  What if you got out of your own way and stopped.  What would happen?

At one point in my life, I have said every phrase above.  With all sincerity and truth.  I believed I did not or could not do those things.

I was not a runner – I once had to write a paper to pass PE because I “was excused from” so many days of gym class. I was slow. AND terribly unathletic – what would people think when I came in dead last?

I am not a camper – I do not like to get dirty.  Or skip showers.  Or not have order in my world. What if I got scared in the middle of the night and did not know what to do?

Why would anyone get up early — sleep is precious.  I like to stay up late so I don’t miss out on the fun.  Early mom years have made me love sleep.  What would I do if I became a sleep deprived zombie again?

Strangers scare me.  I do not like forced conversation or getting to know new people. What if they don’t like me?

An amazing thing happened when I stopped uttering these dont’s – my life profoundly changed.  

I stopped being afraid and started living a life I was proud of in every way possible.  I still have my moments and I still struggle sometimes, but I am finding that the other side of fear and doubt… the other side of removing preconceived notions – is amazing.  And powerful.  And the people on this side… Well let me just tell you – they are just as amazing.



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