Battling Adulthood


I have decided that I am refusing to let the knowledge of adulthood damper my enthusiasm and excitement for next weekend’s Ragnar Trail Relay.  Last night my team got together to do our final prep and heat press our team shirts.  I left the gathering giddy and excited.  Admitedly, I was pretty reluctant to join the team and now I am counting the days until we hit the road to Richmond next Friday morning.

When I got home I got to thinking about when I stopped being excited for adventures and started to think through every possible scenario so I wouldn’t ever be surprised or caught off guard.  Being prepared is not necessarily a bad thing – but when did it start to chip away at the fun?

Somewhere along the way I let my knowledge make me afraid of making mistakes, afraid of failing, afraid of looking like a fool. And I often wonder, why?

Who decided we had to wear skinny jeans just to look “cool”?

Who decided it wasn’t OK to cry at work and feel emotion?

Who decided we had to keep moving up, up, up?

Who decided more is better?

Who decided being passionate about something made you “weird”?

Running, and this community, have taught me that it takes about a mile to change my attitiude.  For today, I have decided to hold on to that giddy excitement and shift my thinking about this upcoming adventure…

Running in the dark on a trail… Instead of worrying about being eaten by a bear – I am going to appreciate the companionship of my running partner and the beauty of the night sky. Besides… there will be a lot of us out there!

Not having showers or real bathrooms… Instead of worrying about being gross, I am going to enjoy not having to do my hair or wear makeup.  And if anyone can find a solution (or a hose), it’s me!

It MIGHT thunderstorm and blow us away… Instead of obsessively checking the weather and walking myself through EVERY weather related scenario, I am going to pack options for the weather and do my best. Most likely – we will end up with a great story and fabulous pictures.  Everything will dry.  The mud will wash away.

I won’t sleep AT ALL AND HATE EVERYONE… Instead of allowing type-A Erin take over, I am going to embrace the silliness and the chance to be away from real life for a whole 36 hours.

I will fall down on a tree root and break all of my bones, ruining my racing dreams for this year…  Or not.  Or I will – and I will figure out what happens next.  Worrying about it won’t remove the tree route.  Being present on the trail will.


More to come next week…  No matter what, it will be an adventure!

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