Fitting in vs. Belonging

This weekend was one of those weekends you just want to bottle up and hold onto.  It was exhausting and amazing and beautiful.  So busy that my eyes hurt with tired, my face hurts from smiling and my legs hurt from giving it 100%.

Saturday morning was a busy one with the culmination of M’s Kid’s Run the Nation program.  He wasn’t quite ready for the 5k, but was well past where he needed to be for the kids run, so I gave him the choice.  He chose the kid’s run because “I get a prize, mom.”  (Wonder where he gets that from…).   He ran the whole time and we are gearing up for two mile races this summer and a 5k in the fall.


Sunday morning I woke up and headed off to my second Loudoun Half Marathon and my second half marathon in two weeks.  It was the PERFECT race for me… BEAUTIFUL weather, easy to get to, great swag and great company.  They changed the course from last year‘s race and the hills seemed to be much more front half focused vs. back half focused.  I ran with my friends Jen and Melissa for the entire race, which was fantastic.  We made great time – 2:05:48 – and finished almost a full twelve minutes faster than last weekend’s Reston Half.


I was sad to have to rush home after the race because so many of my MRTT friends were there, but I had an opportunity to drive up to the University of Maryland for my sorority’s alumnae ceremony.  And regardless of the shift from one world to another, I knew I had to make it happen!  Our National President was in town and since I am now the Chief Development Officer for the Foundation, I was honored to be there – it was such a new perspective on this very special event. We welcomed graduating seniors into the alumnae fold, celebrated a new set of alumnae chapter leaders for the area and capped off our time with two milestones – the giving of 50 and 25 year pins.


As I went about my morning today, I kept coming back to what made it so special… And I remembered this quote from my favorite Brene Brown…


For me – my running community and my sorority community represent an intense set of belonging.  Both came at critically formative times for me – as a freshly minted adult and as a new mother.  And in in both groups I found women JUST. LIKE. ME.  In opening up and becoming part of these worlds, I found kindred spirits when my soul desperately needed that connection.

And I am forever grateful to the sisterhood of Alpha Chi Omega and the sisterhood of running mothers who fill my heart with such joy.


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