How to Bloom

I never intended to stop writing my blog.  But somehow life got in my way…

In November I got into a fairly scary car accident, that was technically my fault, while on my way to pick up my son from school.  No one was seriously hurt, but everyone very well could have been.  And both cars were totalled.

After that came the chaos that comes with being a working mom over the holidays.

And my end of year races were all mediocre efforts at best.

I was tired.  Bone tired.  I could not find the motivation to do more than what was required of me by my family or my job.  It was as if I had spent my reserves.

I had things to share, but the words would not come.  Every time I sat down to write, I could not get them out of my head onto the screen.

It wasn’t until after I listened to Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast with Brene Brown in her Big Magic series that I put my finger on my “why”.   I cannot put my thoughts out into the universe until I have worked through all the pieces in my head.  It isn’t fair to anyone to expect this blog to serve as therapy for issues I have not processed.  It is harmful to those who read my blog and very harmful to me.

What I have come to process and realize was that last year was not what I expected.  And I was horribly embarrassed that I had failed.

I set several lofty running goals and did not reach ANY OF THEM.
But I found other successes to be proud of… 

I changed jobs because I realized I had made a mistake in the company I chose after less than a year.
But I found an amazing opportunity to work with an organization I love… 

I had to take a step back from some of my volunteer responsibilities because the time I was putting in was not good for my family.
And my family is thriving.  Our little band of three is close and happy… 

Now, with the first quarter of 2016 behind us, I realized I was developing new roots so I could bloom. I had to stop, drop and fail so I could succeed.


I am finally feeling excited and ready again for what will come next.  As the possibilities stretch out before me – I am ready to BLOOM!!!

Care to join me?

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