October in Review


October is my MOST favorite month of the year.  I love the beginnings of crisp air and yummy fall smells.  It’s still nice enough to get outside, but there are cool enough days to bust out fall clothes.  This year’s fall in Virginia did not disappoint and every weekend at at least one perfect day to be outside as a family.  To top it off, I stacked up the most miles this year in October and felt GREAT!!


We, of course, spent an enormous amount of time running in the dark because that is what momma runners do.  Some days, we would start in the dark and end in the dark on weekday AND weekend training runs.  Plus we never knew what the weather would hold and it requires some serious ahead of time planning to get running day attire right.  I always check Runner’s World’s “What to Wear” whenever I am in doubt.  Last week was particularly crazy with Tuesday morning in the 30s and Thursday morning in the 60s.

I even got a track workout in one evening this month just before a high school powder puff game – something I have to repeat soon to “fight the fluff” (with intervals) and increase my speed carefully for spring.  I am happy to say we made it through and had some great morning runs – even pushing it up hills with negative splits to get home by 6am to send husbands off to work!


October is also a GREAT racing month and this year did not disappoint.  I was able to join my friends for a half marathon and two super fun 5ks.  The half was great, but very challenging – partially through a very rocky park.  I have attempted trail running and loved it, but I’m not ready to traverse hills of rocks without significantly decreasing my speed.


This past week, was the week of two 5ks.  AND they could not have been more different.  Sunday, my MRTT co-leader and I met up with another chapter leader at a local “Monster Mash” race.  It was rainy and the same day as the Marine Corps Marathon, so the race was fairly small. We took it easy after each running 10 (me) and 16 (Amanda) miles the day before.  But we had SO MUCH FUN.  We were only a *little* bummed when we looked at the stats afterwards and saw we easily could have placed in our age groups if we had run our typical speeds.  However, we quickly recovered.

Photo by Potomac River Running

Saturday, my friend Deb was able to score some race entries for the Ghost 5k in our town.  I entered one of her contests and WON!!!  Her recap is fabulous if you want to take a look!!  I had a GREAT RACE!!!  My best 5k in almost a year at 26:26.  And the best parts — last mile at an 8:14, no injuries, 6th in my age group and a great course.  Plus Deb’s husband is a photographer and caught some fabulous shots of our ladies heading over the finish line – including me!

Photo by Bill Casola

I am gearing up for another eventful month with two half marathons (Heritage on 11/7 and Richmond on 11/14) and a 10k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving!!!  AND I am excited for brighter mornings and earlier sunrises!

How was your October?

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