Magic Everywhere

Last night I went to a “weekend unwind” yoga class and our incredible teacher ended the class with this Ronald Dahl quote…


It got me thinking of all the work that goes into running and how it can seem like another point on our massive to do lists.  One more thing to check off before we move on with our day or put our kids to bed or load the dishwasher.  It seems like a never ending list with never ending items being added from running experts.

  • Log enough Weekday Miles
  • Do a Weekend Long Run in accordance with your training plan
  • Stretch properly and focus on your issue areas
  • Do core work
  • Foam Roll out the kinks
  • Wash stinky running clothes with this product and this product
  • Add hill repeats, but not too many and make sure you use proper form
  • Add track workouts to burn the fluff and add speed

Somewhere along the way we forget the moment we first accomplished something.  That magical, glittery feeling of accomplishment. We forget the first time we ran a mile without stopping.  We forget the first time we crossed a finish line.  We forget the moment of recognition when we meet the perfect training partners. Or when we finally met that time goal.  Or completed a distance that once was unfathomable.  Our memories become faded and sometimes the feel like they belong to someone else.

But it doesn’t have to feel that way.

My goal, after my shift in the spring, has been to watch for those moments in my running community – MRTT, social media, the stories of old friends… I have found these moments to not only bring back my memories, but to allow me to savor the pride of my comrades on the road.  By showing up and being present, I love running again.  I can pause and savor. I still have BIG goals and dreams, but just for today I am focused on three things.

Go Run. Have Fun. Inspire and Support.


And running has circled back to bringing me joy.  And magic moments.

Namaste, friends.

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