Wednesday Word: Cautious

“I’m an optimist, but an optimist who carries a raincoat.”
– Harold Wilson


In a world where the words…



Forward Thinking

are praised and acknowledged, it is difficult to be cautious.  To slow down.  To think before acting.  To understand that perhaps we cannot be brave all at once.  Or there is a time for slow.  Or a time for just being.

But I believe there is great power in caution.

My son is a watcher.  When he was smaller I found this frustrating.  I wanted him to get in and mix with the kids because I thought that is what he was SUPPOSED to do.  But as I work on this motherhood thing, I have learned to look for his light and not his darkness.  His caution serves him well.  And he grows the way HE needs to.   And he’s yet to take a play induced trip to the ER, so I’ll say it’s a win for all.

For adults, in a world that rewards bravado, caution is much more difficult.  But running forces us to embrace the tentative – the slow.  Most of us do not start out at a 7 minute mile.  We start where we are and as our bodies grow we realize we are capable of amazing things.  With little steps. One moment, one yard, one mile at a time.

Our optimism and growth not have to be grounded in constant forward motion.  They can be slow moving.  And somewhere along the way, we realize it is OK to carry a raincoat.

If you have a moment today, visit my friend Deb’s Wednesday Word to read some different perspectives on caution.  I can almost promise you will leave learning something.

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