Wednesday Word: Carefree


It all started with the 2013 inaugural Diva DC Half marathon and a skirt.  My friend, Amanda, had encouraged me to sign up for the half – my first BIG post baby race – and I kept hearing about these Sparkle Athletic skirts.  So I bought one for the race.  I was excited to be out there and excited for the girliness of the race.  There would be boas and tiaras and sparkly medals – what could go wrong!?

The race was a debacle, as anyone who attempted that year will tell you, but for me the skirts stuck.

And I now own 14.

I may need an intervention.

There are times when I tell myself – I should look like a “real” runner and wear some Athleta or Lulu or at least Gap.  But inevitably, when it comes time for the flat mama – I turn to my trusty skirts.  I love how much fun they make racing.  I love how the sparkle has spectators yell “hello” or “looking good” when I really want to just punch someone.  And I love converting others over to the dark side (yes — you NEED a skirt!).  Getting decked out has become a trademark.

As I re-evaluate the place for running and racing in my life, I told my friend Gayle I may need to scale back.  That all this outfit posting was getting stressful.  But after stepping back a little bit more, I realized something: the outfits were not stressful – it was the constant internal pressure to be faster.  And better.  And stronger.  The skirts (and headbands and cute tops) are a constant reminder to not take myself too seriously.


And I am so grateful to those moments of sparkly joy.  So cheers to the Team Sparkle nation.  Whatever makes racing fun – socks, tutus, crowns or sparkle – just do it.  Life is way too short to take ourselves too seriously.

Thank you Deb!  This Wednesday Word was my favorite!!  And if you have a moment – go visit Deb’s blog and check out the other awesome bloggers linking up to chat about “Carefree” today.


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Word: Carefree”

  1. Running skirts are great! Some of my best memories involved races run in costume (I was wonder woman at the Zooma chicago half, I was in a beer girl costume for disney wine and dine). It certainly makes it more of a fun environment!


  2. I love my running skirts! But I like pockets, too. So I stick with skirtsports & sparkleskirts so far. Tried runningskirts, too, but they just don’t fit my body well.

    I never thought about them making it carefree — interesting take on it!


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