Wednesday Word: Initiate

It’s time for Wednesday Word with DebRuns!

This week’s word is Initiative.

I read the word yesterday and was pondering it all evening.  In my head, the word was to initiate — so that’s what I wrote about this morning.  When I went over to Deb’s blog to grab her link, I realized my error.  But as I attempt to loosen up, I am going with it!  Thank you for allowing my interpretation, friend!


One of the themes we hear often in our running group surrounds the moment someone “KNEW” they were a runner.  And like so many groups or organizations, there is perhaps an unwritten set of initiation steps that brings someone from the first moment of tying on running shoes to actually considering themselves part of the tribe.

These are mine:
1. Falling on a run.  Best if done with other people you have barely met.
2. Purchasing “REAL” running shoes at a running store.
3. Setting your alarm before you need to get up for work to get your run in.
4. Writing or following a training plan at about 90%.
5. Signing up and completing your first race.
6. Knowing your pace for a tempo run, long run, and fun run.
7. Having specific music mixes for different types of runs.
8. Posting your first flat mama/ flat runner.
9. Actually paying attention to water and food consumption because they impact your run.
10. When your child tells random strangers — “my mommy runs.”

I still contend that if you run, you are a runner.  But I share Deb’s type A personality and sometimes need guidelines to help me determine if I’ve earned my gold star.

When did you consider yourself a runner?

15 thoughts on “Wednesday Word: Initiate”

  1. My blog is named after what I overheard my grandson say…HoHo Runs. I oddly don’t call myself a runner (yeah I need therapy). I just say “I Run.” I guess I’m waiting on my Gold Star too.


  2. I love your list, and remember when you fell that first time, even though I wasn’t with you. Did you know that I had never posted a Flat Mama/Flat Runner until I met you?

    Thank you for linking up, friend!


    1. I guess I actually did post a lot of flat runners when I wrote that article on how to dress for different types of weather and temperatures, but I don’t really look at those as flat runners, but clothing suggestions! 🙂


  3. Great list! I would also add when you plan around a weekend un and when you purposely skip out on an activity (like a Friday night party) to avoid having a negative effect on your run.


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