Triple Decker 5k Recap


As I shared in my last post, I made a concious decision after the Zooma half marathon to jump back to a beginner plan for the Richmond Marathon in November.  Part of that decision meant that June going into July were going to be EASY runs.  I only ran 39.52 miles in June and felt GREAT.  I basically took off the first two weeks and eased back into things with a series of shorter runs and 5k races.  All three were not origianlly planned, but each turned out to be GREAT fun!

Women’s Distance Festival / June 20, 2015


This race solidified for me that anything put on by Reston Runners will be AMAZING.  SO well planned and thoughtfully excuted – from beginning to end this group did an incredible job.  The theme was “Women Sizzle” and they gave us a technical shirt, socks and hat all in the signature theme.  AND a luggage tag.  AND a lunch tote.  The them was carried out in decorations, signage and even the overall and age group awards.

Many of our other friends were at Ragnar trail (running in a LOT of mud), so I had originally signed up for this one to combat FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). The day was a bit overcast, but I had a wonderful time hanging with my lovely friend, Beth. We got there early, met up with some other MRTT friends and Beth registered.  At about 10 mins to the start, they led us over to the starting line – literally an “S” chalk lined in a parking lot. They said “ready, set, go!” and we were off!  I enjoyed the course as it wound through the parking lot, W&OD trail, off the main trail, and back to the festivities.  Beth won her age group and I just loved being out and feeling good!!

Time: 28:32
9:11 pace
Age Group: 7
Overall: 32
176 runners (all women)

Outer Banks Runcations Sunset 5k / June


Last summer my dear friend, Tracy, posted that she had done a race on the Outer Banks.  And I promised myself that if we had the opportunity to go on vacation, I would find that race series.  It was our first visit to the Outer Banks and we were only there for a few days.  After mentioning it to my hubby 2 or 3 or 5 times, he agreed to trek down to Nags Head from Duck so I could run on the sand.

We to Nags Head early, of course, and registered me for the race.  I was one of the first people there, so we killed time letting M run around Jennett’s pier while we waited for the race to begin.  My husband was sweet enough to take pictures of me running amok and even learned how to use the burst feature so I could get a jumping pic.

The starting line was ON the beach.  And it was hot, the end of the day, and my first run on the sand – not my ideal racing conditions.  We lined up, the gun went off and we raced down to the packed area.  By the time I got down there I was already winded, so I just took it easy and enjoyed the challenge of getting my miles in a different way.  I got to the finish feeling like I’d run 10 miles and not 3.1.  My husband said everyone pretty much looked as wiped as I did.  Everyone got a very cute finishers medal.  When I checked my results on our way back to the resort, I was SHOCKED to find that I’d placed 3rd in my age group.

Time: 31:45
10:15 pace
Age Group: 3
Overall (women): 34
233 runners

Firecraker 5k / July 4, 2015


This was my second year running the Firecracker 5k with Potomac River Running (and my 75th race EVER!).  They are our local race store and very supportive of Moms Run This Town.  This year I got to travel to the race with my dear friends Debbie and Molly.  Debbie and I run together ALL THE TIME.  Molly and I USED to run together all the time, but she had twin girls last winter and has had her hands full.  It was her first race back with me and I was SO excited to spend the morning with some of my favorite people.

Upon arrival at the race site, Reston Town Center, Molly went to register and Deb and I went to take pictures.  We had seen the Virginia Love sign on our friend Kim‘s Facebook page and decided we had to get a picture in front of it. (Check out my new blog header photo!!)  After a bathroom trip to the REAL bathrooms our friend Kathy’s husband, Keith, sent us to, we gathered for a MRTT picture, found my friend Kristin for a pic, and headed for the starting line. After the national anthem, we were off.  And it started to rain and didn’t stop.  But I was so happy to have Molly, and our friend Misty, with me.

We finished the race at a nice pace and caught up with Debbie, Kathy and Keith.  BOTH Debbie and Kathy placed in their age groups (3rd and 1st respectively) so we stuck around to watch them get their awards.  Just as the ceremony was ending team RWB came around the corner chanting someone’s name.  A huge group of runners was helping get one of their own over the finish line.  It was one of those moments that made me proud to be a runner, an American and a human being all at the same time.

Time: 29:01
9:22 pace
Age Group: 40
Overall (women): 285
969 runners (women)

Next up…. Building up mileage and the Leesburg 20k!

3 thoughts on “Triple Decker 5k Recap”

  1. It wasn’t until I read your recap that I realized that you ran the 5K down in Nags Head and not up in Corolla. I think both races are part of the same series, but I’m not positive. I hope they are, because I like that medal – and it’s all about the bling you know! 🙂


  2. You are awesome for racing in the sand… I have a hard enough time walking on the stuff! Congrats on a great trio of 5Ks!!!


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