My First Ultimate Coffee Date

This month I am linking up with Deborah from Confessions of a Mother Runner, Lynda from Fitness Mom Wine Country, and Coco from Got 2 Run 4 Me for their Ultimate Coffee Date.  I’ve read these wonderful blogs for quite a while and decided that as I restart my blog from my mini hiatus, I would celebrate by “sitting down” to coffee with all of you!!!  Please make sure to check out their blogs, and the others who join in this month’s Ultimate Coffee Date fun!


Where have I been!?

I have been somewhat absent from the blogosphere the past few months.  I can pretend it was business or general end of school life getting in my way, but the truth is I was not in a great place.  In April my anxiety attacks started back up again and I’ve been spending some time regaining my footing.  I kept trying to get back to “me”, but my very wise friend, Vicki, reminded me that I will never get exactly back to that place – I just have to keep moving forward.

That moving forward process, as I know from past experience, is VERY VERY PAINFUL.  But I also know that when you get to the other side, at least for me, it is life changing.  SO I just kept putting one foot in front of the other and tried to do the next right thing.  That meant some things had to change and some habits had to go.  It also meant I had to evaluate what I wanted to keep.  And I wasn’t ready to do that in a public forum.

I am happy to report… Footing regained.  Mountain climbed.  New perspective found.

New Opportunity!

One of the things I had to seriously evalutate was my job.  Last summer, you may know, I left fundraising consulting to try a new direction – technology consulting.  Specifically, implementing Salesforce for higher education.  I joined an AMAZING organization with fabulous leadership.  And I found that I missed fundraising so much it hurt.  And just when I was wondering how I was going to shift back, I got an email about a remote position with the Alpha Chi Omega foundation.

As an Alpha Chi Omega alumna, I could not just let that email pass me by.  After a very through process, I am so excited to share that I will join the fraternity as Chief Development Officer on July 15th.  For me, greek life was a very powerful force and I love the direction this organization to lead a conversation and a sea change for the good.  I am THRILLED about this opportunity!

Updated Marathon Training Plan 

I was reading Runner’s World and came across an article about a long time marathoner who was feeling burnt out and exhasted by training for race after race after race.  And I realized I could have WRITTEN the article.  I am still set to do the Richmond Marathon in November, but after my long training cycle I decided to start back with a beginner plan.  I really took her words to heart, after they rolled around in my head for a while, and took a giant step back.

My June mileage was VERY low, but felt just right.  I ran several 5k races (recaps coming soon!), shortened my weekly mileage and signed up for a month of unlimited yoga.  And I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER.  My runs have become fun again.  I’m looking forward to getting out there with my friends, by myself and building my milage back up.  And I am hoping that adding a structured yoga practice will really help me stay healthy for Richmond.  I want that finish line badly and I have no doubt I will get there!

Little Bug is turning 5!

On Sunday, July 5th my little Michael will be 5.  They say the days a are long and the years are short and that is 100% true.  We’ve had so much fun celebrating his birthday from a trip to the beach to a lego-pool party with his friends to fireworks he thinks are just for him… This is my favorite kiddo age and I am excited for all the new adventures stretched out in front of us!

Thank you for catching up with me!!  I have missed you!


19 thoughts on “My First Ultimate Coffee Date”

  1. So glad that you have found a new perspective and that you are feeling better. We are honored to have you join us for coffee today and so glad to hear life if going better for you. One step at a time and yes moving forward doesn’t matter how slow or how fast. hope you have a great weekend and hope to see more of you. #MRTTLove


  2. Welcome to the Ultimate Coffee Date! ❤ I think that's a really good approach to have, and wish you the best of luck! ❤

    That sounds like an amazing opportunity, and I hope you have a lot of fun with it! I'm glad your runs have been fun again, and happy early birthday to Michael! :]!


  3. Hi Erin – This month I decided to join in the Ultimate Coffee Date for the first time too. It’s great to hear that you’ve found a job that you can really love. We spend so much time working that it’s just better all the way around if we can find happiness in what we do.


  4. So glad you are in a better place now, and thrilled that you kicked off your blogging again with the ultimate coffee date! Congrats on the new position!


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