Random Monday Thoughts

I have been a terrible blogger.  Between work (36 hour trip to California, HUGE deadline, and pending client visits), home (munchkin graduating from pre-school), and running (lots of miles, getting used to the humidity, prepping for the last race of my half-marathon challenge) — I am crazy exhausted.

Soooo… rather than a thoughtful, cohesive blog… These are my random Monday thoughts!!

Volunteering for a Race is as much fun as Running
I never would have imagined that I would have as much fun volunteering for a race as I would running a race.  But my MRTT chapter had the privilege of running a water stop for Carter’s Run and it was a fabulous experience.  My good buddy DebRuns wrote a fabulous recap of our experience and I got to see RunnerChick29 out there too (such a treat!).  AMAZING opportunity to support a good cause and have fun with some of my favorite running buddies!


Work Travel is Fun — only if you make the effort!!  
A week or so ago I had a 36 hour (literally that long!) trip to California that included the flight out, a day of meetings and a red eye home.  We spent most of our day in a conference room with a window overlooking a parking lot.  One of our team members had been to San Francisco several times and we had time for ONE QUICK TOURIST SPOT!  We couldn’t get to the bridge, but we did get to see the painted ladies.  And I was beyond excited!


My Little Bug
My little boy is turning five in a few weeks and graduating from pre-school on Thursday.  I am completely thrilled and excited at the little person he is becoming, but simultaneously overwhelmed by his growing up.  I heard once that the days are long, but the years are short.  And that is so true. My amazing friend, Gayle, took some pictures of us and they came out so well it made my heart want to explode.  This is my favorite.


10th Half in 12 Days
In 12 days I will run my 10th half-marathon ever.  I am SO excited to head to Annapolis for the Zooma half with my MRTT friends.  We are going to have so much fun!!!  And there is a very cool medal involved.  More shenanigains to come. I promise!!!


xoxoxoxo for now!

4 thoughts on “Random Monday Thoughts”

  1. It was so fun working the water stop with you and our other friends! I can’t believe it’s only twelve days until the ZOOMA Half. We are going to have so much fun at “half marathon number ten” for both of us! 🙂


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