Friday Five: Five Ways to Share the Running Love

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running love
I have found finding ways to share the running love with non-runners can be a challenge.  In my experience, friends and family tend to fall into these catagories when discussing running…
1. Impressed
2. Competive
3. Grouchy
4. Skeptical
5. Joiners

And Each present their own challenges.

I love the impressed. They like running pictures on social media – EVERY TIME and feed my happy running heart. They come to races and make signs. They listen to running stories with a mixture of awe and terror. Sometimes they ask if I’ve “won” my race or how long a marathon is, but for the most part they are supportive, fun and friendly.
And the impressed will show up.
And be supportive.
Typically this group make excellent friends in every facet of life. One of my favorite neighbors always remembers I have run a race. Sometimes she even makes me cookies. Win. Win.

The competitive are typically athletes who participate in another adulthood sport. Most of the time, they either ran in high school or played a sport. Now they bike hundreds of miles for charity, cross-fit, take barre classes — you get the picture. In their eyes, my races cannot possibly be as difficult as a tough mudder or a 40+ lacrosse league or upside-down hot yoga. The trick with these friends…. kill them with kindness – ALL physical activity should be applauded. Besides – I know how much harder a half marathon is than pushing a tire across a field. They don’t have to get that part.

“You are going to ruin your knees.” or “You are obsessed with running.” or “Why would you spend your Saturday morning on the trail?” These phrases are often voiced by the grouchy. This group is the most challenging when you rely on them for race day child care or wish they would, just once, show up at a race with a clever sign. I’ve stopped talking to them about running and I don’t expect support. You can’t buy a wedding dress at Wegmans. And you can’t expect 100% running support from Oscar.

Have you seen those 0.0 stickers on the back of cars? They belong to the skeptical. These friends say things like, “I only run when chased.” or “I don’t even drive that far.” Don’t confuse them with the grouches. They aren’t trying to be unsupportive of your endeavor – they just really don’t get it. Ignore their stickers and comments or just defriend them on Facebook. Whatever works for you.

Finally… The joiners. I love this group. These friends REALLY want to run, but are just not quite sure they can get out and do it!  They also have 1 million questions. You want to sign up for your first 5k? First 10k? First Half? I cannot wait to be right there with you every step of they way. I will talk to you about gu, training plans, sneakers, chaffing, sports bras – whatever floats your boat! And when you reach that goal, I will have a sticker for the back of your car to cover up the 0.0 because that is just how I roll.

Regardless of type… I am grateful for anyone who likes my hundreds of race pictures, cheers me on, or even asks how my knees are holding up. When I want 100% support I go to my running tribe. Who else am I going to get to go on that 20 mile point to point run?

11 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Ways to Share the Running Love”

  1. I love this, Erin! Most of my friends who aren’t runners probably fall in the impressed / skeptical category. I totally understand it’s not for everyone but it is for me (and a whole lot of us!). Thanks for linking up 🙂


  2. Erin, this is so cute! I love that you mention that the grouchy people can be dependable for child care – ha! I don’t have any kids, but I can totally see how this would work out!! For some reason, the people who actually take the time to purchase and put 0.0 stickers on their vehicles kind of bug me (let it go, Tara, let it go); I mean, if you don’t run that’s fine! Lots of people don’t run! Don’t even think about, then, and just leave that sticker off your car. Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now, I promise. 🙂 Most of my friends are runners; it’s the only way I’m able to spend time with folks, so that’s just how it’s worked out. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Erin!


  3. Great take on the theme. I would say my non-runner friends are impressed and some of them turn into joiners! Loved your photo (great minds think alike) – yours is prettier with more color shoes 🙂


  4. I love this so much! Don’t forget the people who are competitive because they played sports in high school, do nothing now, but go on and on about how much harder their sport was when they were 16, than running could ever be. At 57 I’d like to see them still block that tackle! 🙂


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