Wednesday Word: Courage

This week I am once again joining the incomparable, Deb Runs, for her Wednesday Word.  Each week Deb chooses a word and invites her fellow bloggers to join her in a link up.

This week the word is COURAGE.


Sometimes courage is doing the big, brave, scary thing – saving someone from harm, standing between violence and every day people, protecting our nation.  The images that jumped into my mind when I read this week’s word were about just that. I pictured our brave men and women in uniform standing on the wall and protecting our nation thousands of miles from home. I thought of those in Napal searching for survivors from the recent earthquake. And I immediately thought of the riots in Baltimore and the images of every day citizens peacefully protesting by protecting their city and cleaning up after the looting.

But courage isn’t always big.

Sometimes it’s getting out the door for your first run.

Sometimes it’s signing up for something you never imagined you could do.

Sometimes it’s keeping going when you feel like your heart will break into a million pieces.

Sometimes it’s stepping out of your comfort zone into a new job, new relationship or new town.

And sometimes it is the act of doing nothing at all.  Listening to the still, small voice inside your head that says – I need to pause before moving forward.  I need to just be before I can become.

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