What’s Next??

As we close out April, more to come on that, I am thinking about the rest of the year’s race calendar.  A couple of weeks ago I made the very tough decision to not participate in the Ragnar Trail relay in June.  It was a tough call, but the right one for me as a runner, mom, and worker-bee.  Once I got over the disappointment of letting go of the relay goal, I started thinking through my spring and fall.

BeFunky_photo (3).jpg

With the idea that I NEVER want to stop running, this is the schedule I’ve come up with for the rest of this year.

Race Location Date
Frederick Festival 5k Frederick, MD 5/2/2015
Frederick Half Marathon Frederick, MD 5/3/2015
Mother’s Day 4 Miler Reston, VA 5/10/2015
Zooma Half Annapolis, MD 5/31/2015
Firecracker 5k Reston, VA 7/4/2015
Leesburg 20k Leesburg, VA 8/16/2015
Diva Half Marathon Leesburg, VA 9/25/2015
Richmond Marathon Richmond, VA 11/14/2015
Thanksgiving Race Ashburn, VA 11/27/2015
Run with Santa 5k Reston, VA 12/6/2015
Frosty 5k Fairfax, VA 12/13/2015

I LOVE a full race calendar.  Many friends ask how I figure out my plan.  These are my top tips for planning.

1. Do what Works for you
My race schedule is my race schedule.  I do what works for me and expect that my friends do the same.  If you’ve never done a half marathon – doing one every month is not going to work for you!  If you are an ultra-marathoner, my schedule is not enough.  Find YOUR balance.  Not someone else’s.

2. Find an Anchor Race and Stick to it
I chose the Richmond Marathon as my anchor race this year.  EVERYTHING I am doing this year is focused around the marathon and how I am going to do that race without injury.  It is not my first marathon, but it is my first in a very long time.

3. Look for Races that Work for your Life
For me, right now, local races are my best bet.  I love going to cool places and checking out cool things, but with a full time job and an almost five year old, I have found that if I can minimize the logistics the happier I am.  I do have two “destination” races on my calendar, but most are within 20 minutes of my home.

4. Listen to your Body
STOP when you get hurt. STOP when you are tired. We all want to push and grow and be amazing, but we have to do it in the right time and with the bodies we have. 

Without this… What is the point!?  I have found that those who stick with running are those who find the love of running the most important thing.  That’s what I try to bring to all of my races.  I want to HAVE FUN and feel great about running. 

What races are you joining me at this spring? 

What’s on your calendar?

12 thoughts on “What’s Next??”

  1. I will see you on Sunday, ready to sparkle and rock the Frederick Half! I’m most likely in for the Mother’s Day Four Miler, too.


  2. I will be joining you at the Leesburg 20K. The only race I have on my calendar so far this year, but its a big step for me. I might try for the Twilight 4 miler it sounds like fun. All depends on my schedule this summer.


  3. Yay for running four of those races with you – ZOOMA, Firecracker, Leesburg, and Santa! If Bill decides to run Richmond, I might do the half. It’s sometimes hard for me to plan my own calendar once I see my friends’ race schedules. You know me – I have a healthy dose of FOMO!


  4. Richmond is a GREAT race. I just got into Chicago which will be my first 26.2 since 2012 after dealing with a long injury. I don’t have a very full race calendar, but now that I have an anchor race, I’m looking to start filling up my year…might even take on some of these!


  5. I’ll see you at the Mothers Day 4 Miler (running with my mom). I would have loved to run the Leesburg 20K again, but will be out of town. Newest addition: Chicago!


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