A Perfect Spring Weekend

“Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.”
– Virgil Kraft

This weekend in Northern Virginia was what spring is all about to me – unpredictable weather, beautiful sunshine and the promise in flowers and green lawns that warmth is just around the corner.  I actually love that you are never quite sure if you should be in a coat or a tank top.  It’s like a secret game mother nature and I play – let’s see if she can outsmart the planner in me…

It was a bit cold, but I spent more time outside than I had in months.  Saturday morning our MRTT (Moms Run This Town) chapter held an all chapter run to bring everyone back out to the trail after a winter of hibernation.  We have grown by leaps and bounds over the past year – from about 75 last April to almost 600 members as of this morning.  The turnout was wonderful and we were SO excited.


I started out at 6am that morning, before the group met up, with 9 miles as per my training plan.  Half Marathon #4 is May 2-3 (part 2 of the Frederick Running Festival Nut Job Challenge) and I wanted to make sure my body was ready to go!  Some of my running buddies also wanted some early miles so we passed the time chatting and going back and forth to the trail head to grab friends who wanted to join in the fun.  It always amazes me how fast miles pass with these lovely ladies!

My Co-Chapter leader, Amanda, and I met up to line up our ducks and get organized for the rest of the members to arrive. We had prizes and food and all sorts of great info from our sponsors.


At just about 8am, members came to join us from the trail and from their cars. We were ready to open up our first big event of the spring.


Deb led us in dynamic stretches prior to heading off to hit the trail!


And everyone was off for a 30 minute out and back run.


Upon their return, we had coffee, treats and almost 20 raffle items to share. And we celebrated our 2nd birthday with beatuiful charms Amanda created.


I got home from the run and event, took a shower to wake up and spent the rest of the day with Michael.  There was a lot of lego building, some stretching, and some housework.  It started to rain later in the afternoon, so we enjoyed being inside and making personalized pizzas.

On Sunday I slept in until almost 9am!!!!  That is the longest I have slept since before Michael was born. Typically, I get up with our munckin at 7 since my hubby gets up on Saturdays when I run in the morning.  Since I go to bed so early, it does’t bother me at all.  I love the early hours and it’s nice to have that special time with M.  But I had such a crazy week, they were gone from bed on Sunday before I could even protest.


We spent the day as a family running errends, looking at flowers and playing at a playground.  It was a delightful way to spend some time with my guys and a relaxing spring Sunday!!


I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

6 thoughts on “A Perfect Spring Weekend”

    1. Thanks again for all of the time and effort you put into making the All Chapter Run such a success. I was so happy to be able to share in the excitement and fun Saturday morning! 🙂


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