My Running Favorites

I was tagged by my friend HoHo Runs to answer questions about my running favorites.

Picture by DebRuns
Picture by DebRuns

1)  Location:     Trail, Road, or Indoors?
Hands down — ROAD.  I am learning to love the trail, but it is new for me.  The road is the place I have logged all 68 of my races and it is where my feet feel the best.  As a creature of habit, it’s just perfect for me.

2)  Time of Day:     Morning, Noon, or Evening?
Morning.  I am a morning person.  As I write this blog post at 6:15am, I am at my happiest.  It took some training to become a morning person and consistantly join my friends at 5:30am, but I’m so happy to be out there!

3)  Weather:     Sunshine, Mild or Hot? 
I honestly don’t care.  Which is 100% shocking because I have an opinion about EVERYTHING.  But through training, I will run in anything from snow to rain to full August-in-DC humidity.  I guess my favorite weather for a race is 45 and sunny – hence why I am always adding spring races to my calendar.

4)  Fuel:     Before, After, and Sometimes During? 
A LITTLE bit before.  If I’m going over 6 miles, during (a Honey Stinger Waffle if you are asking), and always after.  I am partial to smoothies these days, but it always goes in phases.

5)  Accessories:      Music, Watch & More? 
Ahhh… I love accessories.  Right now – iPhone, Garmin (but I need to upgrade), Pro-Compression socks, and my Nathan backpack.  Now that it’s getting sunny – sunglasses!

 6)  Rewards:     Food, Wine, or …?
CHEESEBURGERS, but only after a half-marathon or longer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them and that’s my race night go-to treat.

 7)  Type of Run:     Long, tempo, intervals, hill repeats, progression, or recovery/easy?
Long. I love to go 10 miles or longer – especially with my MRTT friends.  The miles fly by and I always feel accomplished – especially when I am done by 8am and most of the world is still sleeping!

Our MRTT chapter motto and my philosophy on running.
Our MRTT chapter motto and my philosophy on running.

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