Wednesday Word: Spontaneous


This week I am joining my dear friend, Deb Runs, for her Wednesday Word.  Each week Deb chooses a word and invites her fellow bloggers to join her in a link up.

This week the word is SPONTANEOUS.

I have been thinking about the Wednesday Word for TWO DAYS.  And nothing.  I am not a spontanous person – I am much more like a drip coffee pot.  I think and think and think and finally act.  I am an excellent executioner, but you can pretty well bet I have been pondering my idea for quite a while – even if I haven’t told anyone or uttered my ideas out loud.  A friend once told me that I could tell her I was going to be an astronaut and she knew I’d find a way to do it.  The ultimate compliment in my opinion.

As I pondered the word, I thought – perhaps I should try to be more spontaneous.  It seems like everyone who is has fun and couldn’t we all do with more fun in our lives???  Maybe I’d do better if I just followed Elsa’s words and “LET IT GO…”!

Picture from YouTube
Picture from YouTube

And the more I thought about it the more I realized, it’s OK that I’m just me.  It’s fine to not be spontaneous, to be a planner. I have a full time job, a kiddo, volunteer opportunities, training schedules and relationships to juggle.  I need order and structure.  It helps me to balance my anxiety disorder and still be a functional, happy human being.  And the world needs people like me.  I get s$@t done!

But whenever something rolls around my head for a while, I know I need to make space for the idea.  If I 100% didn’t care about letting spontaneity into my world, I would have dismissed the word and moved on. The place I can be relatvely spontaneous – out on the running trail.  I can say what pops into my head, run at the pace I am feeling and truly be present.  My friends help me to LET GO of whatever is churning around inside so when I return to the “real” world.

And perhaps that is the lesson.  I don’t need to build a complete ice palace on a mountain and throw my tiara away, but I can be present and silly and have fun in other aspects of my life – particularly with my family.  Will let you know how I do, but my 4 year old (4 3/4 he will tell you) is a great teacher.  I am sure we will be just fine.


8 thoughts on “Wednesday Word: Spontaneous”

  1. I don’t think our lack of spontaneity makes us any less fun, but I’m sure I’ve missed some fun events by not being willing to change gears suddenly and joining in on last minute invitations. I, too, struggled with what to write, and I thought, “Who picked this word anyway!” 😉


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