March Training & Mileage Check In

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March is typically an all over the map month for me.  I always expect it to be warmer than it is, and am somehow disappointed that I am still wearing sweaters. The same thing happens to me, in reverse, in October. After almost 16 years in the Virginia/ DC area, you would think I had adjusted to the shift, but the NJ girl in me is a fighter and old habits die hard.

My primary running goal this spring is to run five half marathons by May 30.  This weekend’s Runners (Half) Marathon of Reston will be #2 on what my friend Jen, who will be joining me, has dubbed our “Half Marathon Tour”.  I am really excited for this race, put on by Reston Runners, for a bunch of reasons – mostly because I am feeling SO much better.  I’ll put out my recap early next week, but my flat mama is ready to go!

Flat Erin

March Training has gone as well as I could have expected as I nursed my injuries. With tonight’s Pub Run with my MRTT friends and Sunday’s half, I should close out the month at 80.55 miles!!!

Overall, my weeks have looked like this:

Week of Su M Tu W Th Fri Sat
3/1/2015 10 Rest 6 Yoga X-Train Rest X-Train
3/8/2015 Yoga 3 Rest Yoga 6 Rest 13.1
3/15/2015 Rest 3 5.75 Rest Rest Rest X-Train
3/22/2015 5 Rest 5.68 Yoga 5.5 3 Rest

I feel like I got some good yoga and cross training into the mix and am ready to ease into April focused on continuing to strengthen my right side.  NO PRs for me, but I am hoping to cross every finish line with a big smile!!


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