Inspiration Space


I am an extraordinary visual person. What I see every day has a huge impact on my outlook, ability to process and my behavior.  As we get to know one another a little better on this blog, I thought I’d share my corner of the inspiration sky.

My Office

This is where I spend the majority of my work day and as I work with clients, I am often on the phone.  As to concentrate on what I am hearing (and not get distracted by my computer!), I tend to pace or sit in my squishy chair by the window complete with my BE BRAVE pillow!


While in said squishy chair, I like to be able to visualize my goals and accomplishments. I have found it helps me stay motivated and reminds me to be proud of how far I’ve come. I keep my half medals on a special medal holder by my window and my full (one for now – hopefully two by November) on a hook by my door.  Behind the door, I recently created my own dry erase board with a $8 (on clearance) frame at Micheal’s and some pretty wrapping paper.


I also have “hidden messages” around my office – a quote in a frame here, a little wish box with small trinkets there – you get the idea.  For me, it helps to remember what my goals are when I get stuck in the day to day mire.

My Exercise Room

Especially in the winter months, I spend a lot of time in our basement gym.  When we moved into this house, I exchanged a gym membership for a workout room.  My hubby has been great about letting this be my space and supporting my need for equipment, within reason.  Right now we have an elliptical machine, treadmill,  a couple of pieces of weight equipment and some free weights. From what I’ve learned in magazines and online, and recently from my friend Deb‘s workshop, this gets me through.

This summer I decided to spiff up the room a little and add some inspiration.  I spray painted a bunch of old collage frames blue, added a medal holder for my “under half” medals, and some space for my Fellow Flowers.


I am sure I will add more over time, but for me — this is just perfect for now!!  Sometimes we all have to remember…


4 thoughts on “Inspiration Space”

  1. What great spaces! I need to hang the 2 new medal racks I received for Christmas (dragging my feet). I plan to separate mine like you do…halves (34), under halves (tons) and hopefully a full this year.


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