Rehab Running: Patience = Strength

February 1, my friend Dora (amazing athlete and Ragnar Trail Ambassador) organized a trail run to get everyone excited about June’s relay. So a bunch of us piled in my car and headed out to Manassas Battlefield Park for an EASY trail run.


I was petrified, as I am a terrible klutz and thought I’d end up face down in the dirt.  But I went out there and loved it! After we finished one loop and checked our time we realized we still had time for 2 more miles!!  SO off we went for a quick out and back. I had so much confidence from our first loop, I stopped paying attention to the ground and bit it – tumbled right over a tree root and landed face down in the dirt.  Luckily I was surrounded by moms, so I was cleaned up and back on my feet in no time.  My pride was the most damaged part of me, but I was feeling OK, all be it a bit bloody and bruised. And my biggest fear had come true and I still loved it!!!

I took it easy for a few days.  My cuts healed up and I was back out running by later in the week.  A couple of weeks later I went to foam roll my calves and as I pushed on my hands to get leverage, the places where I had bruised screamed in protest.  I as forcefully reminded me that injuries run deep – physical, emotional and otherwise – and we have to treat ourselves with care.

Sometimes it takes time to heal.

As I have shared, I have been battling over-training injuries since last fall.  The mileage and speed I added last year did wonders for my ego, but left me a little battered. So today I am being very careful to rehab myself properly.  I have…

  • Gotten new shoes after a full gait analysis
  • Added specialized inserts for my foot and injury type
  • Started visiting a sports chiropractor weekly
  • Added monthly massage to my budget
  • Added more yoga, stretching and strength training
  • Started paying better attention to my diet and water consumption
  • Slowed down considerably to allow my body to find its natural balance

And it is SO hard.  I hate my aches and pains.  I hate the feeling that I’ve overdone it.  I hate being patient.  But I know what it means to heal from the inside out.  I trust the process and I trust the path.  I already feel better and, just like mental health recovery, I know I will leave this process stronger and smarter than I was before.


And just like my bruised hands, and bruised ego, my injuries will heal.  I will grow.  And in the end I will be stronger.

5 thoughts on “Rehab Running: Patience = Strength”

  1. These sound like great ways to prevent injury and get yourself back up to speed! I’m focusing on all of those things right now as well in hopes for a strong, healthy fall marathon! Good luck!


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