Friday 5 Linkup: My SPRING Fitness Goals

Today I am joining in the weekly Friday Five linkup with DC area bloggers Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What?!, and Mar at Mar on the Run!  Be sure to stop by their blogs and say hello!  This week, the DC Trifecta chose SPRING as the Friday Five theme.

My SPRING Fitness Goals


1. Run 5 Half Marathons by May 31
I am 100% a race addict – I love everything about them and look forward to plotting my race calendar every year.  The Half-Marathon has become my favorite distance and based on everything I have read recently, that is true for many busy women runners.  Training is tough, but not exhausting.  You accomplish a goal that feels reasonable and achievable.  Both great things!!  When I was plotting my calendar in December, I had already signed up for three half marathons, which would have brought my lifetime half total to 8 by May 31. In January, my friend Katie suggested another half that would bring us not one, but TWO medals in one weekend.  It was not difficult to convince me to bring my total to 9. Once I knew I’d hit 9, I thought – it would be awesome to have done 10 before embarking on my full marathon training in the summer? This spring I will be running (or have run):

2. Become a Half Fanatic
So once I decided to do the five half marathons, I thought – maybe I’ll become a Half Fanatic!!  By nature I am a bit of a joiner, even though I’m an extroverted-introvert, and love the idea of being part of a group that loves running!  I’ve been lurking on the Half Fanatic Facebook page for a while and decided it’s time to make it happen.  IF all goes well, I should become a member upon finishing the Runners (HALF) Marathon of Reston next weekend.

3. Run my FIRST Ragnar Relay
I am not an outdoors person.  Camping to me, despite having spent 12 years in girl scouts, is staying in a hotel without covered hallways.  BUT everyone in my little running world loves Ragnar Relays.  And my MRTT chapter wanted to put together a team.  And since I cannot seem to say no to a race, I am going to squeeze in the Ragnar Appalachian Relay just as spring turns to summer.  This one is 100% out of my comfort zone, but I am excited for the challenge!

4. Take Care of my Body
In order to do all of this and still stay a healthy mama for my munchkin, I HAVE TO take care of myself.  For me that has included drinking a ton more water, getting a monthly massage, including cross-training, having the right shoes and having my injuries properly treated by a specialist.  It has also meant reminding myself that I RUN BECAUSE I GET TO!  And my body is how I make that happen.

5. Enjoy my Races
I had already decided to enjoy my races this year no matter what, but as I set out my spring goals, I needed a reminder.  I want to run forever and enjoy what I’m doing.  I want my race recaps to be honest and real, but to also look at the bright side of our sport.  Nothing is perfect and there are always things that go wrong, but if I can find the good, I am always that much happier!

20 thoughts on “Friday 5 Linkup: My SPRING Fitness Goals”

  1. Great goals! And I love that taking care of your body is #4….I always seem to neglect that one and lose sight of it in my pursuit of other fitness goals. Thanks for the reminder 🙂


  2. Yes, yes, yes for the half marathons! I’m crazy obsessive about that distance. I’m a fanatic #5867 (just moved to Jupiter level) and it’s a great resource to find races! After 6 H/Ms so far this year, I’m all about taking care of that body right now.


  3. Great goals! Some good (and challenging) races in there. 2013 was my super high volume running year but I did a mix of 13.1 and 26.2 so didn’t qualify for MM or HF based upon the timing. The Ragnar trail sounds like so much fun – I’m sad the timing has never worked out. I loved the Ragnar Road relay I did. Bring on spring!


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