MY FIRST Friday 5 Linkup: Day in the Life

This is my VERY FIRST Friday Five linkup with DC area bloggers Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What?!, and Mar at Mar on the Run!  Be sure to stop by their blogs and say hello!  This week, the DC Trifecta chose Day in the Life as the Friday Five theme.

I am most likely taking this WAY too literally, but here goes…

A Day in the Life of Erin Runs Happy

1. I get up REALLY Early


I have always been a morning person, but I’ve found that the early morning hours in my house are the most quiet and when I get the most done. Most days I am up between 4:30 and 5 to either run or get work done before my family stirs. On days when I am working, I love having my coffee in my pretty little office before anyone has had a chance to clog my inbox or create new messes to clean up around the house. My little munchkin usually creeps into my office and curls up on my lap before we start getting ready to start the “real” part of the day.  On other mornings, you can find me running around my neighborhood or on the trail with my MRTT friends clocking in miles before most people have gotten out of bed.

 2. I Work from Home

unnamedFor the past 7+ years I have had the opportunity to work from home.  Before my son was born, I would be gone for a week and home for a week working as a fundraising consultant.  I got to travel all over the country working with clients and helping to improve their fundraising performance.  It was rewarding and amazing, but SO EXHAUSTING.  When I went on maternity leave, I wasn’t sure if I would go back.  But my company at the time was gracious enough to allow me a part time, very flexible schedule.  I changed jobs in August, but still work from home with the occasional client trip or day in the office. So my day “officially” starts when my nanny gets here at 8:30 and consists of conference calls, spreadsheets, client memos and a lot of hours in Salesforce.

3. I spend EVERY afternoon with my Munchkin

IMG_1375 (1)

Since I work from home (see #2) and have a fairly flexible schedule, I get to spend every afternoon with my kiddo. Sometimes we hang out.  Sometimes we have play-dates. And sometimes we run errands.  He is a fairly self entertained kiddo, so I often just let him do his thing and keep him company.  Watching him grow up like this and still having a full-time job has been such a blessing for me and I realize just how lucky I am!  He is a mixture of funny and infuriating in the afternoon.  For now, we don’t have a tone of activities on our docket, but I’m sure that will change as he gets older.  Let’s just say we spend a lot of time with Legos and super heroes.

4. I am a Planner – with EVERYTHING


Evenings in my house are spent in a flurry of closing out the day and getting organized for the next.  Typically I plan meals on Sundays and just roll out what I’ve got on the schedule for that evening.  Everything in our house has a “home” and we try really hard to get it all put together before bed.  We make snacks and lunches, put away coats and backpacks, and generally get the downstairs together by about 7.  Once we get upstairs for M’s bedtime, we set out clothes for the next day and make sure all the beds are turned down.

Writing this makes me realize how grateful I am to have found someone else in the world that is just as NUTS as me about order.  I’ll have to give my hubby a smooch after I finish this blog post. 

5. Every Evening I TRY to Practice Gratitude


Since I get up super early (see #1) I tend to be in bed between 8:30 and 9:30 most nights and like to spend the time beforehand reading in my bed with NO electronic devices. Several years ago someone shared the Happiness Project with me.  After reading the book, I took away the idea of keeping a one-sentence journal.  And, because I am a rule follower/ impulse buyer, I had to have the “official” journal.  Each page is a day of the year with space to write on sentence. I tend to focus mine on something that made me happy.  There are days when that sentence is “I liked my shoes today” and others where I am writing in the margins.  I started keeping it in November of 2011 and love looking back at my days as I add new thoughts.

So that’s what my corner of the sky looks like these days.
Thank you for reading and being a part of my first Friday 5 Linkup!

16 thoughts on “MY FIRST Friday 5 Linkup: Day in the Life”

  1. Welcome to the Friday Five club, Erin! I’m so glad you’ve joined in and happy to have found your blog. I’m also happy to have found another “organized” (that’s how I like to describe it, instead of “crazy”) person in the world; I can’t function unless everything is organized and planned out. I tend to worry much less when I know that everything is ready to go and meal time is definitely easier! Your home office is adorable; what a great space! Thanks so much for sharing your day, and I hope you have a great weekend!


  2. Yay for joining Friday Five 🙂 I really like your office and I was telling Deb on her blog that I enjoy all the morning run shots you two post (I usually see them when I get on the bus to work… and think I should get out and run when I get up).


  3. woo hoo! thanks for joining us! We love new linker uppers!! Sounds like a busy and productive day! I’m jealous of your office space – I’m a sucker for beautifully decorated spaces. I’m hoping to begin working from home reaaaaaaal soon! enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂


    1. Thank you!! I LOVE working from home and my office has been a fun place to decorate. Fingers crossed you get to join in the work from home fun soon!


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