I MIGHT need an Intervention…

My friend Deb recently wrote about her running clothes intervention.  She had been wearing the same few running items on every run for YEARS until a dear running friend of hers sent her down a more fashionable running path.  As I switched out my winter running gear in anticipation of warmer temps, I realized I need the opposite type of intervention…

Upon review of my closet I realized I own the following running items (not including headbands, socks, calf sleeves, hats, visors or undergarments):

  • 20 tank tops
  • 8 short sleeve tops
  • 12 long sleeve tops
  • 16 1/4 zip tops
  • 9 running skirts
  • 16 pairs of shorts
  • 6 sets of capris
  • 6 pairs of running tights
Running Clothes Collection 2015

And as I shared my epiphany with Deb this morning, she reminded me of my “fun” closet in my office, where I counted:

  • 11 Sparkle Athletic skirts
  • 1 tutu
  • 1 leprechaun costume (that is not 100% mine – just mine til the race)
  • 13 holiday running hats/ headbands
  • 5 holiday/costume only running shirts
  • 7 pairs of holiday socks
  • 2 sets of shoe bling
Running Costume Collection 2015

I love to shop and have enjoyed expanding my running collection over the past few years.  And, as Deb shared in her post, it is “critical” to always look put together when you know your Facebook and Instagram friends are going to see your outfit all over social media. Clearly I have reached a point where I always have something to wear out for a run or on race day.

Cute Running Outfits
Cute Running Outfits

When you are running or otherwise exercising 4-6 times a week, running a minimum of a race a month, and generally enjoying a healthy lifestyle – clothing options are essential.  And there are so many cute options for new fashion choices!!! Since you may ask, my favorite places to shop for running clothes are:

So back to my reverse intervention… Apparently I’ve taken the opportunity to look put together at every race a little further than I meant to, but I do always have good outfit options.  And my MRTT friends claim to look forward to my Flat Mamas.

That being said, perhaps it’s time to LOVE what I have and embrace the cute combinations I can come up with with what I already own??

Happy running, friends!

6 thoughts on “I MIGHT need an Intervention…”

  1. the fun closet? I need to get one of those! I only have two sparkly skirts!! I do have way too much of the other stuff too, not sure I want to count it, but I do love to run and workout so it is worth it in my mind. Always good to see other people have the same problems!


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