2015 Reston Ten Miler: An Unexpected PR

This Sunday (3/1/15) was Potomac River Running’s Reston Ten Miler.  It was my second time running the race and, like many of my fellow runners, I consider it the start of the spring racing season.  I ran it last year and LOVED it!

Photo Credit: Potomac River Running

I was a little nervous watching the weather report over the week before – one that ranged from cloudy to snow to sleet  beginning that morning, afternoon and not at all… You would think after 12+ years in the DC area I would know better, but alas I stress over running conditions from the first moment my race day appears on the 10 day forecast until I step up to the starting line.

I prepped for the race with my usual MRTT flat mamma picture

Thank you Kelley for my socks and shoe bling!

And headed off to Potomac River Running on Saturday afternoon with my little sidekick.

My little sidekick. Don’t let the smile fool you. He was working very hard to escape and run all over the store!

As usual, packet pick up was well done and very organized.  We even ran into my MRTT friend Anglea who joins our weekday runs with her dog, Nelson.  My son was very curious about Nelson and wanted to know why he was not at packet pickup.

The sweet packet girls smiling at my little sidekick trying to steal the pins.

Everyone recieved an adorable shirt (or PRR $10 gift card) and commemorative pin.  The PRR race series shirts area always very nice quality with the race logo on the font.  I tend to opt for the gift card, as I am so picky and have about 10,000 running shirts.  I’d actually be more likely to take a cotton shirt, but that’s not the trend in races right now.

On race day, my friend Jen and I headed out from our neighborhood around 6:45, after my stop at Dunkin Donuts for my pre-race small coffee.  We arrived at South Lakes High School with plenty of time to visit the restroom and meet up with our friends.  I love racing here during the winter because the high school is generous enough to let us hang out inside. And that’s just what we did until 7:45 when we met up with other local MRTT chapters for a picture.

MRTT Multi-Chapter Picture

Last year I went to this race alone and sat in that very same high school by myself watching groups of friends gather.  And I was very sad sitting there in my pink sparkle skirt.  I just so happened to meet up with a friend by accident at the start line and ran the race with her.  After the race, I read my friend Deb’s blog and she had a picture of her MRTT group.  I joined my MRTT chapter the very next day.  It made me sosososo happy to be a part of that group during this year’s race!

After a few more moments in the warmth, we headed over to the start line.  I had declared to my friends – no racing just running.  Angela, Gayle, and Jen all agreed and we planned to run together until someone wanted to slow down or speed up.

We are about to race, but first let us take a selfie.

The crowd started to move and we were off.  Reston, as I know from past experience, is very hilly for races around these parts.  But we were taking it slow, chatting and enoying the race.  There were three water stops on the course and we stopped to walk through each so we did not get dehydrated.  Around mile 5 it started to snow a bit and by mile 8, it was coming down in earnest.  I was keeping pace with Gayle, who was speeding up as the course flowed through the lovely streets of Reston.  But I felt good so I kept pace with her as the miles got higher.

Photo by Potomac River Running

The final mile of the course has some twisting around the high school and typically this race has ended on the high school track.  With the weather, the organizers quickly regrouped and had us finish on the driveway in front of the scool.  Just one more thing to love about PRR – they are RUNNERS and our safety is a priority to them.

Galye and I crossed the finish line at 1:31:07 – in the top 26% of women.  I was astounded. AND we had great splits!

  • 9:27
  • 9:15
  • 9:45
  • 9:17
  • 8:47
  • 8:43
  • 9:16
  • 8:58
  • 9:04
  • 8:18

I didn’t realize I had PR’d until I got home, but PR I did – by almost 2 minutes. And walked away with this adorable medal.

Once we grabbed a bite, also nice and warm in the cafeteria, and checked in with our friends – we headed to the car for our journey home.  The ice was starting to fall pretty heavily and I was glad it had held out just a little bit longer!

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